Rocky Mount State Historic Site

Rocky Mount

Photo: Earl Neikirk/BHC

In a special event match at Rocky Mount State Historic Site in Piney Flats, TN, the Emmett Machinists were defeated by the Knoxville Holstons 22-21.

A tremendous crowd that included some dignitaries witnessed an exciting match that feature many well-struck onions that were pounded by ballists into doubles and triples and ultimately a round tripper by Augie Stock late in the match which would give the Holstons the lead for good. The Machinists would like to thank our hosts from Rocky Mount for providing the grounds, trinkets, and extra water for the ballists on a sweltering day and to the fine people of upper East Tennessee for attending and cheering both camps.

The Emmett Machinists will seek to reverse the outcome when they will again meet the Knoxville Hostons on June 18th at Historic Ramsey House. First toss will be at Noon and that match will be followed by a special match as both Knoxville clubs will join as one to welcome the Quicksteps from Spring Hill

Ride the Three Rivers Rambler to the grounds or hitch your wagon and make your way to Historic Ramsey House for a full day of vintage base ball. Huzzah!

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  1. I would like to find out what is needed in order to join a club. I would love to play Vintage Base Ball. Who and how do I get in contact with?

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